All Time Klezmers | Violin

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Utgåva: De Haske
Instrumentation: Violin
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All Time Klezmers | Violin

This is a wonderful collection of klezmer music, inspired by the Jewish dances and songs of the klezmorim from Eastern Europe – from the lyrical HORA to the fast, compelling FREILACH. Some of the pieces have a second part ad libitum – for playing together or for variation in a repeat. For the accompaniment, chord symbols have been added and on the included CD there are complete versions as well as play-along versions of all pieces, played live by genuine klezmer musicians.

  1. Der Mirjambrunnen
  2. Odoms Nechome
  3. Tates Freilach
  4. Main Umet
  5. A Ganef
  6. Nanis Vals
  7. Stempenjus Fiedel
  8. Dudaim
  9. Naftules Freilach
  10. Di Mechaje
  11. Harrys Freilach
  12. Scholem sol sajn
  13. Lomir tanzn
  14. The Ragged Freilach
  15. Mordechaj
  16. Zorres un Masel
  17. Nigun
  18. Shalom


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