Tori Amos | American Doll Posse

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Kompositör/Artist: Tori Amos
Utgåva: Music Sales
Instrumentation: Piano, Sång & Gitarr
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Tori Amos | American Doll Posse


This is the album-matching folio to Tori Amos’ sprawling and ambitious 9th studio album that debuted at at number five on the US charts, spawning the hit single Big Wheel.

Political and confrontational in nature, the songs on the album are presented from the viewpoint of five different characters that make up the American doll posse from the title. With over twenty tracks, this is an album brim-full of excellent art-pop, all testament to Amos’ skill and longevity as a singer-songwriter and performer.


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  1. Almost Rosey
  2. Beauty Of Speed
  3. Big Wheel
  4. Body And Soul
  5. Bouncing Off Clouds
  6. Code Red
  7. Dark Side Of The Sun
  8. Devils And Gods
  9. Digital Ghost
  10. Dragon
  11. Fat Slut
  12. Father’s Son
  13. Girl Disappearing
  14. Mr. Bad Man
  15. Posse Bonus
  16. Programmable Soda
  17. Roosterspur Bridge
  18. Secret Spell
  19. Smokey Joe
  20. Teenage Hustling
  21. Velvet Revolution
  22. Yo George
  23. You Can Bring Your Dog

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