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Instrumentation: Flöjt
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Robert Winn’s exercises for the development of articulation and tonguing shall show all flutists an interesting way to get to know and add to the character and spectrum of musical expression.

This edition is centred on the technique of tonguing and a deeper knowledge of articulation with regard to conscious and unconscious movements of the tongue and diaphragm.
The exercises compiled from the classical concert literature shall help to improve the player’s musical imagination and help him to learn to listen closely.
The coordination of the tongue and fingers as well as of sound and technique is improved, as is double and triple tonguing and other advanced articulation techniques.


– Chapter 1: Mechanics of the tongue
– Chapter 2: The fingers/coordination
– Chapter 3: 24 simple melodies to develop tongue and finger coordination
– Chapter 4: The air
– Chapter 5: Technique: Coordination of sound and mechanics
– Chapter 6: Double/Tripe tonguing and the technique of compound tonguing
– Chapter 7: Advanced articulation