Best Of Joe Bonamassa

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Kompositör/Artist: Joe Bonamassa
Utgåva: Cherry Lane Music Company
Instrumentation: Gitarr Tab
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Best Of Joe Bonamassa


11 artist-approved note-for-note guitar transcriptions from this guitar mastermind, complete with an interview and photos. Includes: Blues Deluxe * Miss You, Hate You * New Day Yesterday * Pain and Sorrow * The River * So, It’s like That * Woke up Dreaming * and more.


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  1. The River
  2. Faux Mantini
  3. Miss You, Hate You
  4. My Mistake
  5. Revenge Of The 10 Gallon Hat
  6. So, It’s Like That
  7. Woke Up Dreaming
  8. Blues Deluxe
  9. Had To Cry Today
  10. If Heartaches Were Nickels
  11. New Day Yesterday

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