Children Of Bodom | Blooddrunk

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Kompositör/Artist: Children Of Bodom
Utgåva: Cherry Lane Music Company
Instrumentation: Gitarr Tab
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Children Of Bodom | Blooddrunk


The sixth CD from these Finnish metal masters is faster and thrashier than ever! Here are notes & tab for all 9 songs-including Done with Everything, Die for Nothing from Guitar Hero 5 and: Banned from Heaven – Blooddrunk – Hellhounds on My Trail – LoBodomy – One Day You Will Cry – Roadkill Morning – Smile Pretty for the Devil – Tie My Rope.


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  1. Hellhounds On My Trail
  2. Blooddrunk
  3. Lobodomy
  4. One Day You Will Cry
  5. Smile Pretty For The Devil
  6. Tie My Rope
  7. Done With Everything, Die For Nothing
  8. Banned From Heaven
  9. Roadkill Morning

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