Brazilian Electric Guitar

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Utgåva: Mel Bay Publications
Instrumentation: Gitarr Tab
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Brazilian Electric Guitar


“The main goal of this book is to present what could be called Brazilian guitar today, working melodically, harmonically and rhythmically in some of the most important Brazilian musical styles.

We have chosen to always use two electric guitars in these arrangements (but in the song “Violeiros e Cantadores”,which is for solo electric guitar), so that the essential functions of the guitar – rhythm, melody and harmony – might beexpressed in the clearest and best way in each different style. We have made three versions of each piece, for ease of study: a complete one, one without the first electric guitar, and one without the second electric guitar.

Therefore the student will be able to listen to the complete version and thenpractice with the other ones, playing the missing parts of the first guitar and the second guitar.

At the end of the book, like an appendix, we have included the bass lines used in the recordings to strengthen the rhythmic and harmonic comprehension of each style.” All music is in notation and tablature. A free recording of the music is available as an internet download.



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