Chester´s Easiest Children´s Songs

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Instrumentation: Piano - Lätt
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Chesters Easiest Childrens Songs

Twenty-two well-loved children’s songs carefully chosen and arranged for piano of approximately grade 1 standard. The range of songs is perfect for children’s voices, making the collection ideal for classroom use. Fingering and easy chord symbols are included, as well as the words and additional verses.

Innehåll för: Chesters Easiest Childrens Songs
  • There Was An Old Woman
  • Little Brown Jug
  • A Fly And A Flea
  • Jimmy Crack Corn
  • Bingo
  • Ten In The Bed
  • The Bear Went Over The Mountain
  • Looby Loo
  • Head And Shoulders
  • I’m A Penguin
  • If You’re Happy And You Know It
  • Frog Went A-courtin
  • Li’l Liza Jane
  • To Market, To Market
  • Bobby Shaftoe


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