Easy Concert Pieces 2 | Sopranblockflöjt

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24 Pieces from 5 Centuries

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Utgåva: Schott Music
Instrumentation: Sopranblockflöjt & Piano
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Easy Concert Pieces 2 | Sopranblockflöjt

24 Pieces from 5 Centuries

In­stru­men­ta­tion: descant recorder and piano
Lan­guage: English – German

The Easy Concert Pieces series has the right pieces ready for the first concerts. Easy to intermediate original compositions and arrangements for descant recorder and piano provide a cross section of the different epochs, from the Renaissance to the modern era. The enclosed CDs contain all pieces as full versions and as piano accompaniment for playing along.

In Vol. 2, the tonal range is extended to a”, including a few semitones. The works are rhythmically more complex and, with regard to fingering technique and melodic expression, more demanding than the pieces in Vol. 1.


T. Susato: Pavane
T. Susato: La Mourisque
W. Byrd: Sellenger’s Round
B. de Selma y Salaverde: Corente – J. H. Schein: Allemande – Anonymous: The Nymph’s Dance
Anonymous: Almain (Cupararee) J. Playford: Daphne
J. Playford: Prince Rupert’s March – Anonymus: Greensleeves to a Ground
M. A. Charpentier: Prélude
R. Valentine: Allegro
J. S. Bach: Aria
G. F. Händel: La Réjouissance – G. F. Händel: Sarabande
W. A. Mozart: Romance (aus: A Little Night Music)
J. Hook: The Echo Song – P. Tschaikowsky: Swan Lake (Theme)
E. Grieg: Morning Mood – E. Elgar: Pomp and Circumstance (March)
L. Searle: Summer and Winter
J. Bönisch: Dancing in the Morning
R. Mohrs: Prayer for Peace
G. Koeppen: Wind Song


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