First Book For The Guitar: Book Two

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Kompositör/Artist: Frederick Noad
Utgåva: G. Schirmer
Instrumentation: Gitarr
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First Book For The Guitar: Book Two


Continues the step-by-step learning of music and technique for Guitar started in Part One, with similar musical material from different periods and styles.


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Air On A Ground
Allegretto [Giuliani, Mauro]
Andantino (Op.35 No.2) [Sor, Fernando]
El Vito
Etude In A Minor
Lesson In C Major [Coste, Napoleon]
Minuet (Op.21 No.2) [Carcassi, Matteo]
Packington’s Pound
Peruvian Dance
Solitude [Noad, Frederick]
Sonatina [Attwood, Thomas]
Study In C (Op.51 No.2) [Giuliani, Mauro]
Study In C Major [Sor, Fernando]
Study In D (Op.44 No.14) [Sor, Fernando]
Study In D Minor [Noad, Frederick]
Study In G Major [Carulli, Ferdinando]
The Bishop’s March [Noad, Frederick]
The Periwig [Noad, Frederick]
The Willow [Noad, Frederick]
Theme [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
Theme [Purcell, Henry]
Victorian Song [Noad, Frederick]
Waltz (Op.10 No.6) [Carcassi, Matteo]
Welsh Lullaby

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