Hawaiian Music – Roots And Influences

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Instrumentation: Ukulele
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Hawaiian Music – Roots And Influences

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The music of Hawaii is surely among the most evocative in the world. Using 20 songs presented as sheet music and original audio, this highly original book explores the roots of Hawaii’s musical culture as well as its far-reaching influences.

The story of how a few tiny Pacific islands blazed a musical trail across the American mainland and beyond is a uniquely fascinating one.

Hawaii gave the world the slide Guitar and the Ukulele, not to mention some players of quite dazzling virtuosity.

Far from peddling the dreamy mood music of popular perception, the best Hawaiian musicians soon fused their traditional stylings with with jazz, blues, mainstream and country music genres.

The compliment was returned and – from blues and vaudeville to the Nashville sound and the dance band era – Hawaiian music left its indelible mark on the world’s popular music.

Presented in melody line, lyrics and chords format, with Guitar and Ukulele chord boxes.

Innehåll för: Hawaiian Music – Roots And Influences
  • Aloha Oe
  • My Little Grass Shack
  • Everybody Does It In Hawaii
  • Hard Hearted Hannah (The Vamp Of Savannah)
  • Waikiki Waltz
  • Hawaiian Cowboy
  • Ellis March
  • Oh, Lady Be Good!
  • Hula Blues
  • Sweet Leilani
  • Terraplane Blues
  • Steel Guitar Rag
  • That Nasty Swing
  • That’s How Much I Love You
  • Hi’ilawe
  • Pua Sadinia
  • Hillbilly Hula
  • Now Is The Hour
  • Ipo Lei Manu
  • Aloha Ka Manini

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