Musica de Cuba Vol.18 | Piano & Sång

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Musica de Cuba Vol.18


The vast and rich Cuban musical repertory covers a large series of different styles (sone, habanera, danzon, guaracha, cha-cha-cha, mambo, rumba, bolero…); an unlimited world of rhythms and melodies that have crossed the world and have had an overwhelming influence on the folklore of all of Latin America. That, togehter with the grace of the lyrics of their songs, their simplicity, their romanticism, their joy, offers a much greater artistic and cultural patrimony than that of most other countries. The album, number 18 of the series ”Música de Cuba”, includes works of the following authors: Arturo Alonso, Juan Arrondo, Antonio Fernández Ortiz (”Ñico Saquito”), Lorenzo Hierrezuelo, José Antonio Méndez, Gilberto Ollervide, Orlando Peña, Ignacio Piñeiro, Félix Reyna, Electo Rosell, Rosendo Ruiz, Jr. and Senén Suárez.


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Rosendo Ruiz, Jr.: Carnaval antillano
Arturo Alonso: Cita a las nueve
Ñico Saquito: Cuando vuelvas a quererme
Gilberto Ollervide: Cuba macumba
Senén Suárez: Dulce Sofía
Félix Reyna: El Niche
Orlando Peña: El sonerito
José Antonio Méndez: Otra nueva canción
Lorenzo Hierrezuelo/Francisco Repilado: Quiero a mi guajirita
Electo Rosell: Sublime tormento
Ignacio Piñeiro: Tiene sabor
Juan Arrondo: Y es verdad

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