Piano Sonata F major | K. 332

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Kompositör/Artist: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
Utgåva: Henle
Instrumentation: Piano solo
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Piano Sonata F major | K. 332


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Hans-Martin Theopold (Fingering)

The three piano sonatas K. 330–332 were probably written in Vienna or Salzburg in summer 1783, thus many years later than previous Mozart scholarship had assumed. This F-major sonata K. 332 was published in Vienna the following year, 1784, together with its two “sisters” K. 330 and 331. Textual differences between the first printed edition and the autograph are so severe that the editor of this Henle Urtext edition has chosen to adopt both the richer dynamic markings of the latter (presented in small print) and the more sumptuous ornamentation from the first edition of the slow movement (in the main text; the plainer autograph version is offered there as an “ossia”). One of Mozart’s technically more challenging sonatas, especially in the finale.

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