Playing The Changes: Guitar – A Linear Approach To Improvising

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Utgåva: Berklee Press
Instrumentation: Gitarr
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Playing The Changes: Guitar – A Linear Approach To Improvising


The art of effective improvisation lies in your abilities to follow, work with and transcend the harmonic progressions that form a song. This unique tutorial presents an improvisation strategy based on ear training and a linear interpretation of note/chord relationships.

With this technique, improvised lines are derived from chord progressions. You will learn how to choose appropriate notes by listening for the tendencies of pitches within modes and tonalities. The course explores the possibilities of focused and linear improvisation, developing your ability to create musically effective melodies with greater freedom and depth of expression.

  • Develop an expectation of sound – an intuitive sense for which notes to choose and where those chosen notes will lead
  • Master the relationships between notes, modes and harmonies
  • Improvise over jazz changes for such standards as Blue Bossa, Tune Up and Long Ago And Far Away
  • Identify pitch tendencies within chord progressions

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