Sixty For Sax | Alan Bullard

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Utgåva: ABRSM
Instrumentation: Saxofon
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Sixty For Sax | Alan Bullard


Sixty For Sax is an unmissible collection of studies that cover the full range of musical styles with challenges for players of all abilities.

Discover the versatility of your Saxophone – this progressive set of sixty studies varies from the sad, sorrowful and bluesy to jumping Jazz and elegant Classical tunes. Each study is designed to address a particular Saxophone technique, from legato slurs to stuttering staccatos, and each study is written in a characterful style that reflects the style of playing.
The studies are intended to provide a systematic coverage of different aspects of technique, from Grades 1 all the way up to 8, and all are directly applicable to the playing standards required for the ABRSM examination program for both Tenor and Alto Saxophones.

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