Tori Amos | The Beekeeper

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Kompositör/Artist: Tori Amos
Utgåva: Wise Publications
Instrumentation: Piano, Sång & Gitarr
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Tori Amos | The Beekeeper


The follow-up to 2002’s Scarlet’s Walk, the fiery earth-sprite has fashioned another high minded concept album, tying her 19 songs into a garden motif that is part Alice In Wonderland, and part autobiographical journey. This is an overgrown labyrinth of the subconscious as her protagonist experiences a series of life altering events and emotions.
The Beekeeper sees the return of the quirky singer to the familiar, whimsical terrain of her 1992 smash Little Earthquakes, but with stronger and more tangible storylines and a much more assured and nuanced voice.
The matching folio to the album arranged for Piano, Voice and Guitar Chords.


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  1. Barons Of Suburbia
  2. Cars And Guitars
  3. Garlands
  4. General Joy
  5. Goodbye Pisces
  6. Hoochie Woman
  7. Ireland
  8. Jamaica Inn
  9. Martha’s Foolish Ginger
  10. Marys Of The Sea
  11. Mother Revolution
  12. Original Sinsuality
  13. Parasol
  14. Ribbons Undone
  15. Sleeps With Butterflies
  16. Sweet The Sting
  17. The Beekeeper
  18. The Power Of Orange Knickers
  19. Toast
  20. Witness

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