The Joy Of Recital Time

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Utgåva: Yorktown Music Press
Instrumentation: Piano Solo
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The Joy Of Recital Time


A graded collection of effective solos and duets in the easy to intermediate levels with original miniatures from Baroque to Jazz, tasteful arrangements of popular themes and pieces ideally suited for the beginner’s first recital.


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  1. An Old Fashioned Waltz
  2. Carillon On A French Carol
  3. Contredanse (Beethoven)
  4. Country Gardens
  5. Festival Rondo (Purcell)
  6. Gavotte [Turk, Daniel Gottlob]
  7. Glowworm Variations
  8. Gypsy Tango (Martin)
  9. La Campanell (Paganini- Liszt)
  10. Landler (Mozart)
  11. Little Hungarian Rhapsody
  12. Little Prelude (Bartok)
  13. Lullaby (Iordansky)
  14. March [Prokofiev, Sergei]
  15. Mill In The Forest (Eilenberg)
  16. Mountain Dance (Martin)
  17. Murmuring Brook (Poldini)
  18. Night Journey (Gurlitt)
  19. Parade Of The Tin Soldiers [Jessel, Leon]
  20. Pastorale [Pace]
  21. Peasant Dance (Bolck)
  22. Pizzicato Boogie (Martin) Play Ground Gallop (Kalmanoff)
  23. Play Tune (Bartok)
  24. Prelude For Lili (Heller)
  25. Prelude To A Puppet Show
  26. Recital Samba (Martin)
  27. Riding The Hobby Horse (Gretchaninoff)
  28. Scherzo (Kirchner)
  29. Scout Patrol (Gnessina)
  30. Serenade (Heller)
  31. Strolling At Loch Lomond (Martin)
  32. Swinging Shepherds (Martin)
  33. Tarantella (Lack)
  34. The Bagpipe (Bartok)
  35. The Magic Fountain (Bator)
  36. The Marionettes Funeral March (Gounod)
  37. The Old Cuckoo-Clock [Bachinskaya, N.]
  38. The Organ Grinder’s Holiday
  39. The Ragtimers (Holzman)
  40. The Romantic Period:
  41. The Saints Boogie
  42. Twin Ballerinas
  43. Two German Dances (Haydn)
  44. Valse Impromptue (Spindler)
  45. Variations On A Folk Tune
  46. Variations On An Austrian Folk Song [Kuhlau, Friedrich]
  47. Walking Doll (Goedicke)
  48. Witches Dance (Bator)

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