The Young Pianists Solo Album

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Kompositör/Artist: Grainger, Percy Aldridge
Utgåva: Schott, London
Instrumentation: Piano Solo
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The Young Pianists Solo Album
Percy Grainger

Percy Grainger
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In­stru­men­ta­tion: piano

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Introductory Note
About Percy Grainger
Country Gardens
Shepherd’s Hey
Molly on the Shore
Mock Morris
Beautiful Fresh Flower (Chinese Folk-Song)
Australian up-country Song
Irish Tune from Country Derry
Walking Tune
To a Nordic Princess (Bridal Song)
One more day, my John (Sea-Shanty)
Spoon River (American Folk-Dance)
Blithe Bells
Over the hills and far away (Children’s March)
Now, o now, I needs mast part
Notes on the music

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