Two Concert Studies

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  • Forest Murmurs
  • Dance of the Gnomes

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Kompositör/Artist: Liszt, Franz
Utgåva: Henle
Instrumentation: Piano solo
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Two Concert Studies
Franz Liszt

Franz Liszt
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Editor: Mária Eckhardt, Wiltrud Haug-Freienstein
Fingering: Franz Liszt

Urtext Edition, paperbound
Pages: 28 (III, 25), Size 23,5 x 31,0 cm

Information från utgivaren om: Two Concert Studies

The pianistically demanding studies “Waldesrauschen” and “Gnomenreigen” were written during the composer’s mature late phase, in which one does not necessarily expect such virtuosic pieces. Liszt composed them in 1862 in Rome for the Große theoretisch-praktische Klavierschule by Siegmund Lebert and Ludwig Stark. In so doing he honoured a pledge he had made some time before. Liszt was now teaching a large group of students. The two studies, published in 1863 and independent of the Klavierschule, were dedicated to his extremely gifted pupil Dionys Pruckner. He and other Liszt pupils often played them in concerts.

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  • Forest Murmurs
  • Dance of the Gnomes

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