C. Ph. E. Bach – 4 Sonatas | Heft 1

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Kompositör/Artist: Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel
Utgåva: Breitkopf
Instrumentation: Flöjt
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C. Ph. E. Bach – 4 Sonatas | Heft 1
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

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Breitkopf Urtext

Ed­i­tor: Braun, Gerhard
Ed­i­tor: Petrenz, Siegfried

Vol­ume num­ber: Heft 1
In­stru­men­ta­tion: flute and harpsichord (piano)

Binding: Paperback/Soft Cover
Publisher: Breitkopf & Härtel
Page number: 64

Information från utgivaren om: C. Ph. E. Bach – 4 Sonatas | Heft 1

These Sonatas for flute and harpsichord obbligato (Wq 83 – 86) were written in Potsdam between 1745 and 1755, while C. P. E. Bach was in the service of King Frederick II of Prussia. The sonatas also exist in genuine trio Sonata versions. In our present version, the right hand of the harpsichordist takes over one of the concertante parts. Only when this part rests does the harpsichord fulfill the function of a thoroughbass. This edition was based an the autograph and an copies by Westphal, a friend of the composer. The score reproduces the Urtext, thus maintaining the characteristic features of C. P. E. Bach’s writing. The articulation suggestions added by the editor in the flute part haue been distinguished by broken lines. (Gerhard Braun)

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Sonate D-Dur Wq 83
Sonate E-Dur Wq 84

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