Wittner Fine Tuning | Cello Peg

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Wittner Fine Tuning | Cello Peg

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Sats med 4 stämskruvar i kompositmaterial.
Dessa stämskruvar möjliggör finstämning på ett enkelt och smidigt sätt genom skruvens inre rörelser.

Information från tillverkaren
  • Very easy, fast and precise tuning
  • Transmission ratio of 8,5:1 compared to an ordinary peg
  • Peg made of High-Tech composite material and light alloy
  • The tapered peg is put in place without glue by símply pressing it into the peg box just like any ordinary peg
  • Self-inhibiting transmission inside the peg, the string can not lose tension
  • No wear on peg and peghole (the shaft of the peg does not spin, that means no friction)
  • No influence of climate and humidity
  • Design, measurement, colour and quality constant
  • Packing unit 4 pcs

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