World of Warcraft | Saxofon

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Utgåva: Alfred Music
Instrumentation: Saxofon
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World of Warcraft | Saxofon


This instrumental series contains themes from Blizzard Entertainment’s fantasy, multiplayer, role-playing, video games and includes 4 pages of art from the World of Warcraft universe. The compatible arrangements are carefully edited for the Level 2-3 player and include an accompaniment CD which features a demo track and play-along track. Titles: Lion’s Pride * The Shaping of the World * Pig and Whistle * Slaughtered Lamb * Invincible * A Call to Arms * Gates of the Black Temple * Salty Sailor * Wrath of the Lich King * Garden of Life.


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  1. Lion’s Pride
  2. The Shaping Of The World
  3. Pig And Whistle
  4. Slaughtered Lamb
  5. Invincible
  6. A Call To Arms
  7. Gates Of The Black Temple
  8. Salty Sailor
  9. Wrath Of The Lich King
  10. Garden Of Life

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